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The Chackbay Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated on August 31, 1966. From that day on, many men and women have devoted their time and skills to protect the life and property of this great community. While the trucks, equipment, and faces have changed, our mission has remained the same. Our goal is to continue to provide the best Fire, Rescue, and EMS services to this community. Through hurricanes, floods, fire, and any other disaster thrown at us, we have remained committed to serving you, our neighbors.

CVFD Chief Vehicles

2023 Stats

CVFD responded to 150 calls in 2023.




Calls for EMS Assistance


Hazmat Calls


False Alarms

Parcel Fee

The Lafourche Parish Fire Protection District 8-C imposes a $75.00 Parcel Fee on homeowners and business owners in the fire district. These funds are used to supports the ongoing operations of the Chackbay Fire Department. Currently, the Parcel Fee generates roughly $160,000 each year. These funds are used for the purchase and upkeep of fire stations, apparatus, equipment, hose, PPE, maintenance, fuel, etc. These funds are extremely important being they are the only reliable source of income for the Fire Department.

"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time;

they just have the heart."




CVFD Salvage 111

Salvage 111

2001 E-One Light Rescue

Station 1

CVFD Engine 115

Engine 115

2001 Pierce Saber

1500gpm Waterous Pump

750 Gallon Tank

65ft Aerial Device

Station 3

CVFD Engine 112

Engine 112

2006 E-One

1500gpm Hale Pump

1000 Gallon Tank

Station 3

CVFD Ranger 116

Ranger 116

2009 Polaris Ranger 6WD

RKO Custom Fire Package

100 Gallon Tank

10 Gallon Foam Cell

Rescue Basket

Station 1

CVFD Engine 114

Engine 114

1996 Ferrara

1500gpm Waterous Pump

1000 Gallon Tank

Station 2

CVFD Engine 117

Engine 117

2000 Central States 1871 (HME Cab)

1250gpm Darley Pump

1000 Gallon Tank

Station 1

Our Schedule

1st Monday

Fire Training

2nd Monday

Board Meeting &

Training for non-board members.

3rd Monday

Fire Training

4th Monday

General Membership Meeting

5th Monday

(if applicable)

Fire Training

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